Cargo Protection Kraft Paper Air Dunnage Bag

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Kraft Paper Air Dunnage Bags are innovative and versatile packaging solutions designed to secure and protect goods during transit. Crafted from high-quality kraft paper, these air dunnage bags are engineered to provide excellent cushioning and stabilization within shipping containers. The bags are inflated with air to fill void spaces, preventing the shifting or damage of goods during transportation.
Known for their eco-friendly nature, Kraft Paper Air Dunnage Bags are recyclable and contribute to sustainable packaging practices. Their lightweight yet robust construction makes them an ideal choice for securing a wide range of products, from fragile items to heavy machinery. The bags are easy to inflate and deflate, ensuring efficiency in packing and unpacking processes.

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JahooPak's Product Details
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The outer bag is a combination of Kraft paper and PP (Polypropylene) woven firmly.

The inner bag is multiple layers of PE (polyethylene) extruded together. Minimum release of air,withstand high pressures for a long time.

JahooPak’s Dunnage Air Bag Application

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Effectively prevent cargo from collapsing or shifting during transportation.

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Enhance the image of your products.

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Save time and costs in shipping.

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JahooPak Quality Test

When a product's use cycle comes to an end, JahooPak dunnage air bag may be readily separated and recycled based on various materials because they are made entirely of recyclable materials. JahooPak promotes a sustainable approach to product development.

The American Association of Railroads (AAR) has certified the JahooPak product line, meaning that JahooPak's products can be used for rail transport within the US as well as for packaging items meant for export to the US.

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JahooPak Factory View

JahooPak’s state-of-the-art production line is a testament to innovation and efficiency. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and operated by a skilled team of professionals, JahooPak deliver high-quality products that meet the demands of modern industries. From precision engineering to rigorous quality control, JahooPak production line embodies excellence in manufacturing. JahooPak take pride in our commitment to sustainability and consistently strive to minimize our environmental footprint. Discover how JahooPak’s production line sets new standards for quality, reliability, and sustainability in today's dynamic market.

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How to Choose JahooPak Dunnage Air Bag

Standard Size W*L(mm)

Width Of Fill (mm)

Use Of Height (mm)

























The choice of product length is determined by the height of the cargo packing, such as palletized items after loading. When utilizing JahooPak dunnage air bag, it is advised by the company that they be placed no higher than the cargo and no lower than 100 mm above the bottom surface of the loading apparatus (such as a container).

Moreover, custom orders with unique requirements are accepted by JahooPak.

JahooPak Inflation System

When combined with an inflation gun from the ProAir series, the JahooPak rapid inflation valve, which automatically closes and quickly connects to the inflation gun, reduces the amount of time needed for inflation operations and creates the ideal inflation system.

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Inflate Tool


Power Source

ProAir Inflate Gun

30 mm ProAir Valve

Air Compressor

ProAir Inflate Machine

Li-ion Battery


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