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During the transportation of goods, Air Column Rolls offer unmatched cushioning and impact resistance thanks to their inventive and protective packaging solutions. Layers of co-extruded polyethylene film are used to make these bags, resulting in separate air columns that serve as shock absorbers. Because of its distinctive form, packaging solutions can be specially made to fit the fragile nature and precise measurements of the goods being delivered.

Because of its inflated design, the Air Column Roll is incredibly versatile. It fits snugly around the boxed item and effectively immobilizes it inside the shipping container. This function is especially useful for shielding delicate and breakable objects from potential harm during travel from bumps, vibrations, or abrupt movements.

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The most recent generation of inkless printing valves ensures quick and smooth inflation by providing a natural, consistent air intake without requiring rubbing.

The film utilized in the JahooPak Air Column Roll is made of double-sided low-density PE and NYLON, offering outstanding balance and tensile strength together with a printable surface.

Type Q / L/ U Shape
Height 20-180 cm
Column Width 2-25 cm
Length 200-500 m
Printing Logo;Patterns
Certificate ISO 9001;RoHS
Material 7 Ply Nylon Co-Extruded
Thickness 50 / 60 / 75 / 100 um
Loading Capacity 300 Kg / Sqm

JahooPak’s Dunnage Air Bag Application

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Attractive Appearance: Transparent, closely adhering to the product, finely designed to enhance product value and corporate image.

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Excellent Cushioning and Shock Absorption: Utilizes multiple air cushions to suspend and protect the product, dispersing and absorbing external pressure.

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Cost Savings on Molds: Customized production is computer-based, eliminating the need for molds, resulting in fast turnaround times and lower costs.

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JahooPak Quality Test

At the end of their useful life, JahooPak Air Column Roll products can be readily separated and recycled based on different materials because they are made entirely of recyclable materials. JahooPak promotes a sustainable approach to product development.

According to SGS testing, the constituent materials of JahooPak Air Column Roll are non-toxic when burned, devoid of heavy metals, and fall under the seventh category of recyclable products. JahooPak Air Column Roll offers strong shock protection and is moisture- and impermeable-resistant as well as eco-friendly.

JahooPak Air Column Bag Quality Control

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