High Tensile Strength PET Strap Band

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• PET strap band, or polyester strapping, represents a robust and high-performance packaging material designed for securing and stabilizing goods during transportation. Crafted from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), this strapping offers superior strength, excellent tension retention, and resistance to harsh environmental conditions. Widely adopted across diverse industries, PET strap band is renowned for its reliability and durability in ensuring the integrity of packaged items.
• Ideal for heavy-duty applications, PET strap band provides a strong and secure bundling solution for a range of products. Its exceptional tensile strength makes it well-suited for palletizing, bundling construction materials, and securing heavy loads. Additionally, PET strap band exhibits minimal elongation, maintaining its tension over time for added stability during transit.
• Available in various widths and thicknesses, PET strap band allows for customization based on specific packaging needs. Whether securing large industrial equipment or reinforcing palletized shipments, PET strap band stands out as a dependable and resilient choice, contributing to efficient and secure packaging practices in the logistics and shipping industry.

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• Size: Customizable width of 12-25 mm and thickness of 0.5-1.2 mm.
• Color: Customizable special colors include red, yellow, blue, green, gray, and white.
• Tensile strength: Based on customer specifications, JahooPak can manufacture straps with varying tensile levels.
• JahooPak strapping rolls range in weight from 10 to 20 kg, and we can imprint the customer's logo on the strap.
• All brands of packing machines can use JahooPak PET strapping, which is suitable for use with hand tools, semi-automatic, and fully automatic systems.

JahooPak PET Strap Band Specification







12 mm

20 Kg

2250 m

200-220 Kg

0.5-1.2 mm

15 cm

16 mm

1200 m

400-420 Kg

19 mm

800 m

460-480 Kg

25 mm

400 m

760 Kg

JahooPak PET Strap Band Application

PET Strapping and is used for heavier products. Predominantly used in pallets applications. Shipping and freight companies use this to their advantage because of the strength to weight ratio.
1. PET strapping buckle, designed with internal teeth for anti-slip and enhanced clamping strength.
2.The strapping seal features fine serrations on the inside to provide anti-slip properties, enhance contact area tension, and ensure cargo security.
3.The surface of the strapping seal is zinc-plated to prevent rusting in certain environments.

JahooPak PET Strap Band Application

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