JP-KTPS Series Tamper-Proof Security Plastic Seal

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• Plastic seals play a crucial role in protecting cargo while it is being transported, acting as tamper-evident security measures for a range of applications. These seals, which are made of sturdy plastic, are frequently used to safeguard vehicles, shipping containers, and logistical equipment. Plastic seals are renowned for being inexpensive, simple to use, and a visible barrier against unwanted access.
• Plastic seals improve supply chain management’s traceability and accountability because they have a distinct serial number for identification. Because of their tamper-resistant design, which makes any interference easily noticeable, transported goods can be transported with confidence knowing that they are authentic and secure. Plastic seals, with their broad range of applications and emphasis on efficiency and simplicity, are essential for preserving the integrity of shipments during the logistics and shipping procedures.

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Customers can select from a variety of models and styles that are divided into different types. PP+PE plastic is used to make JahooPak Plastic Seals. Manganese steel lock cylinders are a feature of some styles. They have strong anti-theft qualities and are single-use. They have obtained SGS, ISO 17712, and C-TPAT certifications. They work well for things like clothing theft prevention. Length styles are supported by custom printing and come in multiple colors.

JahooPak KTPS Series Specification

Certificate C-TPAT;ISO 17712;SGS
Material PP+PE+#65 Manganese Steel Clip
Printing Laser Marking & Thermal Stamping
Color Yellow;White;Blue;Green;Red;Orange;etc.
Marking Area 32.7 mm*18.9 mm
Processing Type One-Step Molding
Marking Content Numbers;Letters;Bar Code;QR Code;Logo.
Total Length 200/300/370 mm
JahooPak ERPS Serise Specification

JahooPak Container Security Seal Application

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JahooPak, one of the best companies, specializing in producing innovative solutions and materials for transportation packaging. JahooPak is committed to offering excellent packaging solutions, with a primary goal of fulfilling the evolving demands of the transportation and logistics industry. The facility uses cutting-edge materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing procedures to produce things that ensure the safe and secure transit of commodities. Because of its dedication to quality, JahooPak stands out as a trustworthy partner for businesses searching for efficient and green transport packaging solutions, including corrugated paper options and eco-friendly materials.

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