Virgin Material Recyclable PP Strap Band

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PP strap band, also known as polypropylene strapping, is a versatile and robust packaging material designed for securing and bundling goods during transit.Manufactured from high-quality polypropylene, this strapping offers exceptional strength, durability, and resistance to environmental factors. Widely used across various industries, PP strap band is valued for its reliability and cost-effectiveness.
Ideal for both manual and automated strapping applications, PP strap band ensures a secure and tight bundle, minimizing the risk of product shifting or damage during shipping. Its lightweight nature makes it easy to handle while maintaining a high level of tensile strength. The strap is also available in different widths and thicknesses, allowing for customization based on specific packaging requirements.
Whether used in bundling packages, securing pallet loads, or reinforcing cartons, PP strap band is a go-to solution for businesses seeking efficient and sturdy packaging options for their products.

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JahooPak Product Details

JahooPak PP Strap Band Product Detail (1)
JahooPak PP Strap Band Product Detail

1. Size: Width 5-19mm, thickness 0.45-1.1mm can be customized.
2. Color: Special colors such as red, yellow, blue, green, gray, and white can be customized.
3. Tensile strength:JahooPak can produce strap with different tensile levels according to customer requirements.
4. JahooPak strapping roll is from 3-20kg per roll,we can print customer's logo on strap.
5. JahooPak PP strapping can be used for full-automatic, semi-automatic and hand tool, which can be used by all brands of packing machines.

JahooPak PP Strap Band Specification



Break Load

Width & Thickness


1100-1200 m

60-80 Kg

12 mm*0.8/0.9/1.0 mm

Hand Grade

About 400 m

About 60 Kg

15 mm*1.6 mm

Semi/Full Auto

About 2000 m

80-100 Kg

11.05 mm*0.75 mm

Semi/Full Auto Virgin Material

About 2500 m

130-150 Kg

12 mm*0.8 mm

Semi/Full Auto Clear

About 2200 m

About 100 Kg

11.5 mm*0.75 mm

5 mm Band

About 6000 m

About 100 Kg

5 mm*0.55/0.6 mm

Semi/Full Auto Virgin Material Clear

About 3000 m

130-150 Kg

11 mm*0.7 mm

Semi/Full Auto Virgin Material Clear

About 4000 m

About 100 Kg

9 mm*0.6 mm

JahooPak PP Strap Band Application

1.The round rods are made of imported parts, which are finished by the finishing equipment. Therefore, the machine has high precision, winding and leveling, little deviation on both sides, and easily achieve full-automaton.
2. The winding machine can be packed with a 5-32mm PP packing tape, which can be collected according to meter or weight.
3. With good-flexible, the paper core height and diameter of the multi-function winding machine can be customized according to customers' requirements.

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JahooPak PP Strap Band Application (2)
JahooPak PP Strap Band Application (3)
JahooPak PP Strap Band Application (4)
JahooPak PP Strap Band Application (5)
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