Slip Sheets are handled by Push Pull attachment

JahooPak Solid Board Slip Sheet is a thin sheet made of laminated kraftliner, and is manufactured to match the same measurements of a typical wooden pallet (1200x800mm or 1200x1000mm) with two channelings of 75mm width specified for ease of handling and manipulation. JahooPak Paper Slip Sheets are an easy alternative to wooden pallets, and save on the costs for weight, space and transportation. Slip Sheets are handled by a special piece of equipment called the Push-Pull attachment.

The cost of JahooPak Paper slip sheet is around 80% less than the cost of a wooden pallet. Slip sheets save weight and storage space in the truck or container. This allows companies to decrease the cost of shipping by 15%. A Double-stacked slip sheet pallet saves more than 30 cm/m2 in height and 24 kilograms in weight.


Stop wasting money on wood and space. Start using smart solutions. Start using slip sheets from Jiangxi JahooPak Co.,Ltd.



JahooPak Slip Sheet VS Traditional Wooden Pallet


LOWER PURCHASING COST.The cost of a slip sheet is approximately 80% less than that of a wooden pallet.

LESS WEIGHT + LESS VOLUME = LESS WASTE = LOWER SHIPPING COST. One slip sheet has a combined weight of 800 grams. A single wooden pallet has a weight of 12 kilograms. One thousand slip sheets are equal to 1 cubic meter when stacked, while a thousand wooden pallets are equal to 70 cubic meters when stacked.

SLIP SHEET IS GREEN TECHNOLOGY. The slip sheet is 100% recyclable. A person can produce 1500 slip sheets from just one 50-year-old spruce, or on the other hand, you can only get a measly 65 wooden pallets.



Post time: Jul-10-2024