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Paper pallets are innovative and sustainable alternatives to traditional wooden or plastic pallets, revolutionizing the way goods are transported and stored. These pallets are crafted from high-quality corrugated paper or other paper-based materials, providing a lightweight yet robust platform for stacking and handling products. With a focus on eco-friendliness, paper pallets are often recyclable and contribute to reducing carbon footprints in supply chains.

Designed to meet the demands of various industries, paper pallets offer advantages such as reduced weight, cost-effectiveness, and compliance with international shipping regulations. Their versatility makes them suitable for one-way shipping or as a component of closed-loop systems. Paper pallets also eliminate the risk of splinters and are resistant to pests, making them a hygienic and safe choice. In an era of increased environmental consciousness, paper pallets stand out as a sustainable solution for efficient and secure material handling.

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The secret to the strength of a corrugated pallet is the engineering design. These pallets are made from corrugated paper. Corrugated paper is very thick paper board that is commonly used for packaging materials. The paper is grooved and ridged alternatively to create layers of strong paper material. Just like wooden pallets, corrugated paper pallets are stronger on one axis than the other.

Each layer complements the other layers and strengthens them by using tension.

How To Choose

Pallets can be manufactured according to customer need.
As a deck board, corrugated or honeycomb board can be used, and other options are also available.
2 and 4-way pallets in the required sizes.
Suitable for use on roll conveyors.
Designed to be a part of display-ready packaging.

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1200*800*130 mm

1219*1016*130 mm

1100*1100*130 mm

1100*1000*130 mm

1000*1000*130 mm

1000*800*130 mm

JahooPak Paper Pallet Applications

The Benefits of JahooPak Paper Pallets
There are some great advantages to the paper pallet when compared to the wooden pallet:

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· Lighter shipping weights
· No ISPM15 concerns

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· Custom designs
· Fully recyclable

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· Earth friendly
· Cost effective

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