High Security Heavy Duty Container Bolt Seal

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• Bolt seals are essential security devices widely used in the shipping and logistics industry to ensure the integrity of cargo containers. Comprising a sturdy metal bolt and a locking mechanism, these seals are applied to secure the doors of containers, preventing unauthorized access and tampering during transit.
• Constructed from high-strength materials like metal alloys, bolt seals offer robust resistance against tampering, theft, or any unauthorized interference. Their design includes a unique serial number for identification, enhancing traceability and accountability in the supply chain.
• Bolt seals are particularly crucial for international shipping, customs, and cross-border transportation, where maintaining the security of cargo is of paramount importance. The tamper-evident nature of bolt seals provides a visible indication if the seal has been compromised, ensuring the safety and security of the transported goods.

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JahooPak Bolt Seal Product Detail
JahooPak Bolt Seal Product Detail

A bolt seal is a heavy-duty security device used for sealing cargo containers during shipping and transportation. Constructed from robust materials such as metal, a bolt seal consists of a metal bolt and a locking mechanism. The seal is applied by inserting the bolt through the locking mechanism and securing it in place. Bolt seals are designed to be tamper-evident, and once sealed, any attempt to break or tamper with the seal would be visibly evident.
Bolt seals play a crucial role in securing cargo in containers, trucks, or railcars. They are widely used in the shipping and logistics industry to prevent unauthorized access, tampering, or theft of goods during transit. The unique identification numbers or markings on bolt seals facilitate tracking and verification, ensuring the integrity and security of shipments throughout the supply chain. These seals are essential for protecting valuable assets and maintaining the safety and authenticity of transported goods.
The main body of the JahooPak Bolt Seal is composed of steel needles, the majority of which have a diameter of 8 mm, and are made of Q235A low-carbon steel. An ABS plastic coat is applied to the entire surface. It is extremely safe and disposable. It is safe for use in trucks and containers, has passed C-PAT and ISO17712 certification, comes in a range of colors, and allows custom printing.

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 JahooPak Container Bolt Seal BS01



JahooPak Container Bolt Seal BS02



JahooPak Container Bolt Seal BS03



JahooPak Container Bolt Seal BS04



 JahooPak Container Bolt Seal BS05



 JahooPak Container Bolt Seal BS06



Every JahooPak Security Bolt Seal supports hot stamping and laser marking, and it is certified by ISO 17712 and C-TPAT. Each has a steel pin with an 8 mm diameter that is covered in ABS plastic; a bolt cutter is required to open them.

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