Heavy Duty Strap Ratchet Tie Down

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• Ratchet tie-downs are indispensable tools for securing and fastening cargo during transportation, offering a reliable and efficient means of load restraint. These devices, equipped with a ratcheting mechanism, enable users to create a tight and secure hold on various types of cargo.
• Constructed from durable materials such as polyester webbing, ratchet tie-downs provide high tensile strength and resistance to abrasion. The ratcheting mechanism allows for precise tensioning, ensuring a secure grip on the load. With adjustable lengths and various end fittings, ratchet tie-downs accommodate a wide range of cargo sizes and shapes.
• Whether used for securing goods on trucks, trailers, or in storage, ratchet tie-downs play a crucial role in preventing load shifting and damage during transit. Their user-friendly design facilitates quick and easy application, making them a preferred choice for individuals and businesses seeking a dependable solution for cargo restraint in the logistics and transportation industry.

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• Time and Effort Saving: Designed for Effortless Operation.
• Safety and Durability: Constructed from Alloy Steel, Durable.
• Easy Operation: Instant Tightening and Loosening, User-Friendly Operation, Secure Locking without Detachment.
• No Damage to the Cargo: Constructed from Fiber Material.
• Made with industrial high-strength polyester fiber filament.
• Adopt computer sewing, standardized threading, stronger tensile strength.
• The frame is made of thickened steel, with ratchet structure, spring snap, compact structure and high strength.

JahooPak Ratchet Tie Down Specification

Width Length Color MBS Joint Strength System Strength Max Securing Load Certificate
32 mm 250 m White 4200 lbs 3150 lbs 4000 daN9000 lbF 2000 daN4500 lbF AAR L5
230 m 3285 lbs 2464 lbs     AAR L4
40 mm 200 m 7700 lbs 5775 lbs 6000 daN6740 lbF 3000 daN6750 lbF AAR L6
Orange 11000 lbs 8250 lbs 4250 daN9550 lbF 4250 daN9550 lbF AAR L7

JahooPak Strap Band Application

• Start by releasing the spring on the tightener and secure it in place.
• Thread the strap through the items to be bound, then pass it through the anchor point on the tightener.
• Using the dedicated lever, gradually tighten the strap due to the anti-reverse action of the ratchet mechanism.
• When it's time to release the tightener, simply pull open the spring clip on the lever and pull the strap out.

JahooPak Ratchet Tie Down Application (1)
JahooPak Ratchet Tie Down Application (2)
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JahooPak Ratchet Tie Down Application (4)
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