Heavy Duty Reusable Woven Lashing Strap

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JahooPak woven strapping is expertly manufactured by intertwining high tensile-strength polyester yarns through specialized narrow weaving machinery.

1. JahooPak woven strap guarantees superior strength, durability, and reliability.

2.JahooPak woven strap’s non-abrasive and non-marring properties ensure your goods are kept in pristine condition during transit, eliminating the risk of scratches or damage.

3.For your light-duty applications, JahooPak woven strapping can be simply hand-tied, whereas for heavierduty tasks, it can be used with phosphate coated wire buckles.

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JahooPak Product Details

JahooPak Woven Strapping Product Detail (1)
JahooPak Woven Strapping Product Detail (2)

• Heavy Duty and Durable: Polyethylene straps, excellent breaking strength of 1830 lbs, smooth edges are safer.
• Flexible: Braided rope straps have horizontal and vertical weaving, maintaining good tension under heavy loads.
• Wide Application: Agriculture, landscaping, automotive, light construction products, etc.
• Surprisingly lightweight and easy to use: A convenient solution for all your strapping needs.

JahooPak Woven Strapping Specification



System Strength



Match Buckle


32 mm

4000 Kg

250 m

36 Cartons



38 mm

6000 Kg

200 m

20 Cartons



40 mm

8500 Kg

200 m

20 Cartons



50 mm

12000 Kg

100 m

21 Cartons


JahooPak Phosphate Coated Buckle


JahooPak Strap Band Application

• Apply to JahooPak Dispenser Cart.
• Apply to JahooPak Woven Tensioner for SL Series.
• Apply to JahooPak JS Series Buckle.

• Phosphate Buckle recommended, rougher surface helps to hold the strapping better.
• Same Use Steps as JahooPak JS Series.

JahooPak Woven Strapping Application (1)
JahooPak Woven Strapping Application (2)
JahooPak Woven Strapping Application (3)
JahooPak Woven Strapping Application (4)
JahooPak Woven Strapping Application (5)
JahooPak Woven Strapping Application (6)

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JahooPak is a well-known factory that specializes in creating creative solutions and transportation packaging materials. High-quality packaging solutions are the main focus of JahooPak's commitment to meeting the changing needs of the logistics and transportation sector. The factory uses state-of-the-art materials and sophisticated manufacturing techniques to produce goods that guarantee the safe and secure transit of goods. Because of its commitment to quality and range of eco-friendly materials and corrugated paper solutions, JahooPak is a dependable partner for companies looking for effective and sustainable transport packaging solutions.

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