Eco-Friendly Recyclable Paper Corner Guard

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JahooPak Paper Edge Protector can safeguard, stabilize and reinforce palletized loads in transit and storage. JahooPak Paper Edge Protector also used to provide additional protection inside and outside of cartons, furniture, around picture frames, artwork and a multitude of other applications.
The benefits:
1. Transit damage is reduced.
2. Protects goods against strapping and film damage.
3. Reducing customer complaints.
4. Reduces delivery returns and rejection.

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A paper corner guard is a protective packaging material used to shield the corners of goods or products during shipping and handling. Typically made from sturdy and recyclable materials like paperboard, these corner guards are designed to absorb and distribute impact, minimizing the risk of damage to the packaged items. The paper corner guards are shaped to fit snugly around the edges of pallets, cartons, or individual items, providing cushioning and reinforcement. They are particularly useful in preventing denting, crushing, or abrasion that can occur during transportation. Paper corner guards contribute to the overall protection of goods in the supply chain, ensuring that items reach their destination in optimal condition while also being environmentally friendly due to their recyclable nature.
JahooPak Paper Corner Guard has 5 styles, all support White and Brown color, and PE film coating. JahooPak also offer customized size making and logo/number printing.

JahooPak Paper Edge Protector Application

JahooPak Paper Edge Protector are made by pasting multiple pieces of kraft paper and then shaping and pressing them with a corner guard machine. After being used for stacking goods, they can strengthen the edge support of the package and protect its overall packaging strength. JahooPak Paper Edge Protector is a green and environmentally friendly packaging material.

JahooPak Paper Corner Guard Application

How To Choose

PE Film Coating

For Moisture-Proof Feature

Logo Printing

For Better Company Image

Size & Style

Based on Product Packaging


Original Color=Low Cost

White=Better Company Image

JahooPak Factory View

The cutting-edge production line at JahooPak is evidence of their inventiveness and productivity. With state-of-the-art equipment and a knowledgeable staff of experts, JahooPak produces high-caliber goods that satisfy the needs of contemporary markets. The manufacturing quality of the JahooPak production line is exemplified by its meticulous quality control and precision engineering. At JahooPak, we take great pride in our dedication to sustainability and our continuous efforts to reduce our environmental impact. Learn how, in the fast-paced market of today, JahooPak's production line is setting new benchmarks for sustainability, quality, and dependability.

JahooPak Paper Corner Guard Factory View
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