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JahooPak Inflate Bag JahooPak Inflate Air Bag is made of high-strength PE film, is an environmentally friendly packaging material that complies with international standards.

An inflate air bag is a protective packaging device designed to provide cushioning and support for fragile or sensitive items during shipping and handling. Typically made from materials like polyethylene or other resilient plastics, these bags are inflatable and filled with air to create a protective barrier around the packaged item. The process of inflating the air bag is often simple, involving the use of a pump or automated inflating system.

Inflate air bags are commonly used in the packaging industry to prevent damage from shocks, vibrations, or impacts during transit. They are particularly effective for securing items with irregular shapes or those that require a customized protective layer. The inflatable nature of these bags allows for versatility and adaptability, making them suitable for various types of products. Inflate air bags contribute to the overall safety and integrity of shipped goods, ensuring they arrive at their destination in optimal condition.

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Strong materials allow the JahooPak Inflate Bag to be inflated on-site, providing superior cushioning and shock absorption to protect breakables while they are being transported.

The film used in the JahooPak Inflate Bag has a surface that can be printed on and is made of double-sided low-density PE and NYLON. This combination provides excellent tensile strength and balance.

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60 um

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JahooPak’s Dunnage Air Bag Application

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Stylish Look: Clear, closely matching the product, expertly crafted to improve both the company's reputation and the value of the product.

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Superior Shock Absorption and Cushioning: Multiple air cushions are used to suspend and shield the product while distributing and absorbing outside pressure.

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Mold Cost Savings: Since customized production is computer-based, there is no longer a need for molds, which leads to quicker turnaround times and cheaper prices.

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JahooPak Quality Control

At the end of their useful life, JahooPak Inflate Bag products can be readily separated and recycled based on different materials because they are made entirely of recyclable materials. JahooPak promotes a sustainable approach to product development.

According to SGS testing, the constituent materials of the JahooPak Inflate Bag are non-toxic when burned, devoid of heavy metals, and fall under the seventh category of recyclable goods. The JahooPak Inflate Bag offers strong shock protection and is impermeable, moisture-resistant, and eco-friendly.

JahooPak Air Column Bag Quality Control

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